About Us


EVE HAIR is one of the world's leaders as the importer, exporter, and distributor of human and synthetic hair products. Eve Hair is well known throughout the hair industry for creating the most fashionable wigs and human hair products.

Since 1990, we have continuously strived to be on the cutting edge as the industry leader by maintaining a great business relationship with the world's largest hair and wig manufacturers. We have a dedicated research team with over 30 years of experience in the hair industry. Our research and development team constantly work with our manufacturers in creating and marketing new products and improving existing products to adapt to the changing and growing needs of our customers.

Our products are carefully researched, designed and manufactured to fulfill a broad range of preferences in styles, lengths, colors, and age groups. Due to our dedication, our products are well known throughout the world and our client base continuously grows every year. We will continue to strive for excellence by providing high quality products that will exceed the expectations of our customers, and by introducing innovative new products that will enable women to have the best hair possible.

CEO / President

Kenny Cho